G.P.F. Handmade straps in Tuscany

G.P.F. works in the watch industry, making refined and exotic leather straps. During their 30 years of presence in the market, their production capacity and quality gave G.P.F. S.r.l. the opportunity to become partners with the most famous watch brands. G.P.F. offers high-quality straps made of premium leather such as alligator, caiman, teju, lizard, python, and many more, with an extensive palette of colors (more than 300 for the alligator, 250 for the caiman, and up to 500 for the python).

All the products are certified under the Washington Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). Because the strap is not just a useful piece, but an essential accessory that has an important role in the watch design. The G.P.F. straps are completely handmade. Fundamental characteristics are the choice of leather and careful processing. The leather used by G.P.F. is tanned with natural and traditional methods, without artificial colors, chrome, formaldehyde, and pentachlorophenol, and processed under the law. G.P.F. follows every step of the development of every single product, from the design to the customized manufacture of unique and exclusive pieces.

G.P.F. believes that it is important to offer to its customers the maximum level of specialization, organization, creativity, availability, and quality of the product because bringing the love for Tuscan leather goods to the whole world through its creations is one of the reasons that make G.P.F. proud of its work.