Orion was born in Florence as the natural consequence of our great passion: luxury watches. We specialise in the trading of both new and second-hand top watch brands (Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Omega, Panerai and many more…) and we offer our clients the possibility to buy and/or sell watches with the utmost transparency and peace of mind.

Our passion for modern and vintage watches allows us to follow our clients in every detail, whether dealing with repairs, purchases, sales or consignment sales. We carry out meticulous checks and inspections on all of our watches, in order to guarantee at all times both authenticity and contemporaneity to the period of production and the utmost attention to even the smallest details are our trademark. We indeed believe that the first, important rules to build an excellent relationship with our clients are precision, honesty and transparency. We guarantee all our watches with our Orion warranty for authenticity, legal origin and functioning for 24 months, and we also offer inspection, repair and restoration services in our workshop, after confirmation of a free estimate. All our interventions and repairs have a warranty including the interventions made, from the specification of oils used to cleaning, from subtests to parts replacement, which are always original parts. We ship worldwide with insured couriers and tracked packages to guarantee maximum customer security.

Watch accessories are also part Orion scope, starting from handmade wristbands to renew the style of your watch and leather watch cases to transport, store and better organise your collection. Thanks to the collaboration of professional local craftsmen, Orion offers to its customers top quality wristbands, with refined textures and styles, and the possibility of having unique pieces that are custom made for one’s watch and with personalised style to fully satisfy everyone’s needs. Last but not least, we can affirm that kindness and professionalism are part of the natural reliability and serious approach that comes with all our services and products.

Diego e Massimo