Orion was born in Florence, from the idea to create a different watch and jewelry shop moved first of all by our passion for this sector.

After finding a place in the beautiful scenery of Via Gioberti, a Florentine street that is a natural shopping center, our project began…

Orion wants to be a watch and jewelry shop modern and young, out of the ordinary, characterized by a unique and characteristic style. We specialize in trading famous watch brands watch, both new and second-hand, and we offer to our customers the possibility to purchase and/or sell their watches with the utmost peace of mind and transparency.

Our passion for modern and vintage watches allows us to follow our customers and the steps of the trade or consignment in every detail. Our distinguishing marks are the meticulous checks and inspections we do on all our watches, to guarantee always their authenticity and contemporaneity to their production time, and the best attention on the smallest detail. We indeed believe that the first, important rules to have an excellent relationship with our customers are precision, honesty, and clarity. We guarantee all our watches with our Orion warranty for authenticity, legal origin and functioning for 24 months, and we also offer inspection, repair, and restoration services in our workshop, after confirmation of a free estimate.

All our interventions and repairs have a warranty including the interventions made, from the specification of the oils to cleaning, from subtests to piece replacements, which are always original pieces. We also ship worldwide with insured couriers and tracked packages to guarantee maximum customer security.

Jewelry is also a part of Orion, focusing particularly on local artisans and big brands. Thanks to the collaboration with professional artisan goldsmiths with a distinctive character, Orion offers refined jewels to its customers, with the possibility to have unique custom pieces that satisfy them.

Last but not least, we can affirm that kindness and professionalism are part of the natural reliability that comes with all of our services and products.

Diego e Massimo